The Modern-Day Delima.

Do we give up easily on our dreams? Or is it just me? I really don't know how I am going to get my life on track. I have personally always wanted to become successful. I Still ask myself the question of what? Yeah… I am unsure to this day and no I am far from my success story. Do I want money, freedom and fame ahhh YES but why? I am 22- 23 and I am not exactly phenomenally talented at anything or an incredible sports person, businessman or influencer. I am just a plain old simpleton, I hate the 9–5 grind it is killing me. 3years but with little to no progression and a 1% pay rise for my efforts over 18 months, I don't know how long I can take it for. What is it about this idea of success that continues to paralyse me?

I don't really stick at things long enough to get to a masterful level to realise the fruits of my labour. Am I too focused on future results? You see the reasons I stopped writing was because I only had 1 view and I thought I would never make it. But the truth is if I give up I will never make it. What if I focused on just writing and becoming a better writer and forgot about money or success.