Minimalism living out a Suitcase & How you can too!& Why?

Have you ever wanted to be able to pack up and move anywhere? I don't mean spend days or even weeks packing to get ready to move down the road? I mean pack up with ease with the freedom and ability to go anywhere. Does this sound like something out of a dream? Well for myself this is a dream I am focussed on turning into a reality.

Are you feeling tied down maybe even trapped? Are your things beginning to own you, are commitments becoming a burden and turning into an overcommitment one that we don't remember signing up for. Maybe this is what being an Adult is? Because you hard the story a thousand times, its what we are taught in school. Society ingrains into us … Get good grades, go to a good school and get a good job” … I am guessing this a good life perhaps a good plan and maybe it is but for me, it’s not a good enough one.

I have always been obsessed with minimalism maybe a little more than most. Obsessed with cutting the ties to consumerism cutting the ties to a predetermined life one filled with clutter. I like to refer this to the white picket fence or the Instagram life…the big house and the fancy cars .. well I still want the fancy car just not yet.

So why live out a suitcase….

Because by slowly clearing out the excess in life there is an even greater one which is more focused and less stressful. That still involves boozing and shopping. I just choose to concentrate on the things that give me pleasure or serve a purpose; I try not to have or do anything mindlessly.

It brings me intense satisfaction to know that one day I’ll have as few possessions be able to jump on to a plane anywhere and just explore not having to worry about the things I left behind. Never having to pay storage costs or leaving things behind with Mum and Dad just to be forgotten and never seen or used again.

I have given myself 8 years and I attend to treasure these 8 years in the progress to build up a nest egg, investments, clear debts and clutter to be free to work on what I want and where I want. To take the time to set up the systems the income to live my 30’s with more passion and freedom then most people will ever have in their lives.

Clearing the clutter and detaching from the cycle of consumerism as much as possible in the modern-day. Everything you own fitting into a suitcase or other carry on the bag doesn't have to be your goal but its something important to me for the moment.

Whether you decide to take a backpack or rolling luggage is up to personal preference and the types of destinations you will visit.

Our society runs on capitalism. Capitalism is good but overconsumption can be a problem for our wallets and prolong the period of us trading time for money.

It is possible to have everything you need in a suitcase when we go back to basics and make smart choices. Every article of clothing, shoes and accessories had to work well together before they end up in the suitcase.

The other misconception is that you have to wear the same things over and over but remember when you travel, there’s plenty of opportunities to buy and replace the things you no longer love.

It is easy to disregard the scarcity mindset when you know you can buy clothes, shoes and other goodies around the world whenever you need something new.

Just an ordinary simpleton seeking something greater through less. New Zealand