in NZ — What if my card is taking forever to get here?

There is a work around

Patience is a virtue as they say, and good things take time and great things take even longer. So if your waiting for your card patiently well you’re not alone. Great news I know we all want that nice and shiny metal visa card. It’s funny how the promise of a glossy metal card can lure us in but it’s worth the wait. If you are wanting to start making the most of the benefits of your card, there’s a nice surprise. gives you access to your card details prior to its delivery. You can then input this information into either apple pay or google pay depending on your device. This way you can take advantage of those sweet CRO rewards.

What is the CRO token

So, what is the CRO token, it is a utility token that provides users of with benefits native to the platform such as additional cashback rewards, higher interest rates on crypto earn, lower interest rates when borrowing.

Fees on

If you want to send crypto from send to app users instantly with no fees. Withdraw crypto to external address with a small, fixed fee Crypto from refer link

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