Crypto Christmas- Bitcoin the best gift of the decade.

Bitcoin for Christmas? Could this be one of the greatest gifts you could give in 2021 and beyond?

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Christmas a Time for Giving and usually Credit Card Debt

Christmas it’s a stressful time for many of us including myself, we work extremely hard to buy our families love and show them how much they mean to us through material goods. Most of the time they never wanted or needed what you gave them. So, I am writing this to make you not only think about what you are giving them but show potentially the greatest gift you could give in my opinion.

A gift of appreciation in the truest sense

So, what if you could give someone something that will one most likely appreciate in time and potentially be worth a lot more in the future than today… wouldn’t that be fantastic alone. How about giving something, that they may hold and treasure for years to come- Possibly even life. Well let’s start with more than a year. Well Bitcoin could be your best friend and their best friend and the best gift.

Think about what you give or it will end up as trash

Think about this! How many gifts have you been given that you have loved in the moment but are gone the next year? Disappeared without a trace to never been seen or used again. Let’s forget gifts think about your personal belongs and have a think about this. How many of them do you still have today from the last 1 year 2 years … 5 years 10 years. I would imagine your answer is like mine… Ah not much possibly even nothing. Another thought, how many of your belongings have you got that are over 10 years old… Again, if you are like me probably not many if any.

Now if you want to visualize this and put it into context check out this sad but hilarious website. This website compares the costs of items when they were released and nominates them in bitcoin and then the equivalent dollar value. Pretty mind blowing if you ask me.

Bitcoin the Greatest Gift and here is another reason why

What if you gave someone more than just money or a gift? You see Bitcoin could change someone’s life and spark an interest like it did for me. Bitcoin has led me down a huge rabbit hole and lead me to research for hours and hours. Bitcoin made me question things like what money is and why do we have it. It made me deep dive into economics and take a look at monetary policies to trade and so much more.

Just an ordinary simpleton seeking something greater through less. New Zealand