10 Simple Savings Tips for this Holiday Season

The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much ~Henry David Thoreau

Minimalist Christmas — Simpler Christmas — Save money and time this Chrsitmas
Photo Credit to Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Christmas is Stressful — Don’t you agree?

The holiday season for most of us is a time filled with — you guessed it Stress and debt. I don't know about you but this doesn't seem like a “Jolly good time” I have…

Electric Kiwi – Can you really save money ?

Electric Kiwi⚡️🥝 – How I used this to cut my power bill in half with some months saving 75%. Also join and get $50 free on Electric Kiwi ! Wohoo 🥳

Join Electric Kiwi and Save money! It’s simple.

Power is…

Life’s not a competition so why do you keep comparing?

We all are born as individuals, born into an environment that we have no say or control over. They say you can choose your friends but not your family. We are brought into this world purely by luck and chance…

Crypto Crazy

Just an ordinary simpleton seeking something greater through less. New Zealand

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